13 thoughts on “Cyclops!

  1. This reminds me of Mike from Monsters Inc. These animals will probably be put in some type of museum and will probably also have heaps of tests done to them. I’ve never heard of a albino shark but I think that this is sort of weird. It almost looks like a rock cross shark cross cyclops, if this is possible. I wonder if it would taste good in tacos?

  2. this is really creepy…. when you look at the first picture its one eye is just staring into your eyes and its pretty scary at the same time. when i first saw it i though it was a big bunch of clay. but when i see the other pictures it was some kind of dolphin shark thing…. i dont know what it is… 😛

  3. it looks like it’s made of food, but i guess its real and looks like it still needs time to grow and be real.

  4. I think that it is pretty awesome a cyclops shark that is very interesting. This is probably really rare and a lot probably exist but just lucky we caught one maybe if we find more we can put it in aquariums too but poor shark just being killed for being tested on. Should have been kept alive by putting it in water while they are testing it.

  5. It looks like it’s made of dough or something, kind of reminds me more of a one eyed Beluga whale. Very interesting that that shark is the first of it’s species that has been found like that, Albino and a Cyclops. That would be a very scary thing to see if it had been born and grown into an adult shark, a big one-eyed albino monster trying to eat your legs… Creepy. Still, it looks like a weird dough sculpture to me 😛

  6. This shark looks funny and creepy at the same time. The first picture looks like dough and the eye looks plastic.

  7. This is weird I wonder if its a one off thing or is there more Cyclopes in the sea or even on land.This THING has an eye but with this photo I can’t see the eye ball

  8. The more i read into this more i get dissapointed i get because i actually thought it was a bread of shark…..but it turns out it’s just a retard shark……….. i still think it is really cool

  9. It looks so cool! But it looks like a lump of clay… from the first picture it looked fake. But when I saw those other pictures, i was convinced that it was real. It looks like that blob thing from Monsters Vs Aliens and Mike from Monsters Inc.

  10. I think this is very very cool because it is one eyed they would find this once every 100 years but this is all so sad that it died.

  11. I think this is pretty creepyyy…. I as soon as I saw this I thought it was a blob of clay. But this is very interesting finding a new type of shark… I also think its creepy how it has 1 eye, I think that they will probably find out lots of stuff about this shark… 🙂

  12. i think it reminds me of mike like dylan but that has to be one lucky catch if you can catch a one eyed shark

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