Invisability Cloak

Follow this link to todays reading about this amazing technology.  How science really does push the boundaries of what we can imagine.

You response to this is a guage of your imagination. Let me know what you think, wht this technology can be used for.

12 thoughts on “Invisability Cloak

  1. This could be used in the military and the team with the cloaks could have a superior advantage over the other by using the cloak on a spy to get their way into the enemy base. It could be used in bad ways by criminals who get their hands on it like robbing places but if the cloak doesn’t hide objects then it would be floating items being stolen ahaha.

  2. First of all you spelt “Invisibility” wrong

    I think that if this got into the wrong hands than some real chaos could be created. The only problem I see about Invisibility is that your surroundings are not invisible so when say you are cutting something you would only see the knife cutting something.

  3. lachlan is going to buy me one 🙂

    Harry potter made this especially for me… so people who try steel it from me can die in a hole

  4. Harry potter is going true………… i want one of those clokes … would be so funny

  5. That looks pretty cool. I’d like to be able to go invisible, though I don’t really know what it would do for me seeing as there is no one I feel the need to hide from…. I’ve read afew things and watched some movies where they state that something like a cloak, or even in the case of one anime, some arms, vibrate at a rate so fast that they go invisible, I wonder if that would work in real life. Is that how this cloaking experiment worked just with sound? Because they did say something about loudspeakers etc. I can see that the experiment is underwater.

  6. I think this is cool because I would use it all the time to spy on my sister or maybe even scare her with it. I could carry things around the house and scare her. It could be used in the Police Force or something like that because then they can catch the criminals from behind.

  7. I Would use it to hide from people and hide stuff.I reckon that the army will use them for like tanks or something and planes to hide them

  8. thats cool, if they can make a lot of them then we could all be invisible, but this would make some things harder. Still they should try and make a lot of them. really modern technology.

  9. I’d want a invisibility cloak! The things i would do with that cloak:
    – pranking on people
    – creeping them out
    – follow people them around
    But a disadvantage is that thieves, criminals and murderers (LOL) could use that for their own reasons.
    it ain’t all good.

  10. i was going to say the same as lohgan with the military thing but it would also help the police as well in a hostage sitcuacen because they would be able to get in without being seen

  11. I say this could be used in a variety of ways in the future. Like he said they are far off from making a person invisible.

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