14 thoughts on “Ufo sighted before football game.

  1. I think the americans are lying there just trying to get attention so people will think there cool or better then anyone

  2. It looks cool, but still it looks really fake. As tamika said to me it looks like a toothbrush. Why would camera’s just be pointed right there at that time? Because they want people to believe a lit up tooth brush being thrown thru the air is just like a ufo.

  3. I think that it is a real UFO and there are aliens or something in this multiverse!! Call me crazy but that’s a real flying aircraft that’s not human! THE INVASION IS COMING!!!

  4. This reminds me of the NASA recording that they put on the NASA website and for some reason it reminds me of Star Trek. I always get a weird feeling that the government is watching us throughout different types of technology like Satellites, Phones, Ipods, iPads, Computers etc. I think that if Aliens were real they would be more advanced because they found us before we found them. I think that something did happen at Roswell and I think that something was found…….

  5. they could of shot something in the air because it would get them heaps of publicity because its not like anyone else is reporting about this.

  6. I still don’t think that UFOs are real because people can edit videos and put UFOs in. I will only believe in UFOs if I see one myself in the sky.

  7. plus also look were they are its a perfect place that you could find bugs and all and the other thing is look how small they are and they don’t seem like a shape of an air craft

  8. I think it could definitely be a UFO, it looks pretty cool and it definitely looks like it’s going behind that spire. So much for an insect, I doubt it. But I think it was funny how that guy is always saying things like “There has to be some reasonable explanation”, because it just sounds like he knows he’s wrong but won’t admit it. If that was an insect going behind that spire that is one PRETTY huge insect. I think it’s a UFO, no insect is that big and I doubt that an insect up close would genuinely look like it’s going behind the spire….

  9. I think it could be fake it looks pretty cool but it could be edited or just like a lazer or something

  10. i watched the other video and it was an insect. It was a tiny insect moving really fast. The UFO from the St.Louis, I think it’s a UFO. Before it was slowed, it did look like an insect because it was roaming around like a firefly. I don’t know.. it’s very confusing/

  11. I think that it is a fake, and that someone might have been playing with a remote control plane or something like that.

  12. I don’t agree that this is nothing from outer space. I would say that the army is testing a new toy.

  13. i dont know. i think that there could be many different ways of seeing it but it could very well be a UFO. i dont think it is a UFO though, it could be the government newest development that they are just letting us believe that it is a UFO so that they can work in total secrecy and continue testing the planes and stuff like that.

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