Whats this all about?


Tell me what is happening here?  This has been in the news recently.   Give me a mini information report on what this is all about. 100 words.

11 thoughts on “Whats this all about?

  1. Its flooding, But i don’t exactly know why they are just sitting there? Its ahbit stupid ay?

  2. in bankok tailand there are floods that have taken over. Bankok is a verry unlucky place because not long ago they had the riots and theve also had tsunamis! 🙁 lucky its not in phuket. because that is an amazing place and im going their again 😀 next year!

  3. It is very sad that there has been a lot of this flooding in Thailand and Bangkok and it is very sad that lots of people have lost their so far in this tragic disaster. I hope that this flooding is going to stop and not get any worse and not lose any more lives.

  4. This is the flooding in Thailand. The picture is specifically in Bangkok which is the capital of Thailand. The flooding is in it’s third month. The death toll is 506 and people are angry because the flooding has not been diverted to the east and west and it’s coming closer to the central parts of the city. This could cause flooding in the markets which could be very bad for business in Thailand.

  5. I think that it is just a mini flood, or just a normal flood. But what i do not understand is why in the world is there a guy about to hop on a bike while there is a flood happening all around him seriously, and why are there people sitting outside when water is flooding the place, i mean yeah there is a wall there and it might be blocking the water from coming in, but what if the wall gets pulled apart by the water seriously some people these days.

  6. marc: This is really sad that it is killing people and knocking percentage growth of people in thailand. The people would have nothing, no house, or food or any thing they probly wouldnt be able to leave where they are because it would be under water. Water is flooding thru thailand and has ruined some parts of it.

  7. it looks like a flood. i think the person on the bike would be a bit unhappy but otherwise it looks like business as usual, or as usual as you can get in the middle of a flood. It is the country’s worst flooding in more than half a century.

  8. There is flooding that is going on in Bangkok and over 500 people have died because of the flooding. The water is black and polluted. The floodwaters are heading towards a main road in Bangkok. Rain has been falling in Bangkok for three months and this is Thailand’s worst flood in half a century. The authorities have been getting people to evacuate.

  9. I think this is sad because it is the worst flood in Thailand in half a century and is ranked 11 out of Bangkok’s 50s disasters, and 12 million people were flooded

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