Flexi Phones

Follow this link to todays article.
I want you to comment on the whoole article, including poossible uses for some of the ideas they are putting accross.
50 words on uses and practicality.

15 thoughts on “Flexi Phones

  1. I think this phone will come in but then go straight out because no one would buy them because there probably going to be to much, but if it was cheap they would stay in because every one would get it.

  2. i like the originality but i think a black gu- an idiot thought of this. i think that if they put it to better use next time, i buy it.

  3. I think that this phone does not have much practicality and I would not buy it because it would be fairly useless. Why would people even bye this I think that the touch screen revolution has been way better and if anyone is going to make something better than this it’s going to be apple, unless it fails like it did before Steve Jobs came back. Samsung should stick to LED TVs and smartphones.

  4. I recon this would be cool if you could fold them up like a news paper and if they were smaller and have more battery

  5. This looks pretty awesome and what they will be able to do with it in like 20 years time there will be no such thing as paper and pens I think it’s going to be digital everything the internet is taking over the world!!! It would be awesome to make a phone that can fold up and fold out into a table sized screen!!!

  6. This is gay as, Why would i want to bend my screen to zoom in? When i can just pinch the screen with me fingers to zoom in or out 😛

  7. I sort of like this idea and sort of don’t. I like it because you get to bend your phone but they should have made something better than just bending it. You could bend the phone into your pocket when the phone is to big.

  8. that is so cool. if i had that phone, i’d play with the screen. i won’t get the apps and that because a bendable screen is already entertaining. what about if you can model the phone into anything you want? instead of a bendable screen, it can be like a modeling clay and turn it into anything. with the technology. yep. that’d be awesome..

  9. I don’t think this is a very good discovery. What use could folding a ipad or something like it be. After all, these people have to stop concentrating on folding screens and concentrate on hologram type tech.

  10. if a phone is bendable then it would probably last alot longer. It would be good if it was water proof to. that is how i have destroyed the past 4 phones that ive had. Though with some of what they are saying they could create would mean that we would be raising a generation that is use to being told what is happening and when, the next generation will be lazy and unable to remember anything that is important.

  11. It sounds like an alright invention but I myself think a flexible phone would be sort of annoying and pointless other then the fact that it wouldn’t break if you drop it. I think touch screens would be considered easier to use then having to bend the phone so it does things anyway, even if the bendy phone does have touch screen too I think it would be annoying when you’re trying to do something and you keep bending your phone making it zoom or scroll etc when you don’t want it to.

  12. All I have to say is I want one right know they look so freaking awesome and I need one.The technology is so advanced these days and hopefully there will be foldable and water proof phone with amazing cameras and really fast speeds and also I think that foldable phones should run on windows because windows are the best anyway window will be better because there better for games and I want lots of games

  13. I think that if this phone is flexible, bendy, etc, it will like everything else that bends, it will end up with creases all over it, and although it looks amazing and an awesome idea too, people who will buy it will not be thinking about things like creases, the out or inner part splitting, etc, etc. Overall I think that it is cool but at the same time not the best idea.

  14. i think it is awsome that we can fold up a phone and put it into your pocket and then have more room in your pockets and then have cool as games

  15. it sounds like a weird invention but i think a flexible phone would be sort of annoying and pointless other then the fact if you dropped it on the ground it would break.

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