Crazy people, who really need a grip on reality.

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Hey guys, the following article is a great example of people desperate to have something they have waited so long for.
At times we are all guilty of perhaps getting carried away about things we feel are more important than they really are.

Comment on this news cast, and what you think the man in the story might be like?

15 thoughts on “Crazy people, who really need a grip on reality.

  1. This is the type of thing I would do. I would put a claymore at the front door and then I would put c4 inside the game case and then when they open it i would detonate it. Or I would rappel through the roof like in black ops with a LMG and shoot everyone or maybe even noob tube and use a flame thrower. I still don’t have the game yet…..

  2. I think this man is stupid it’s just a video game and he could have gone to another shop to get the game.

  3. Ahahaha that is really funny how this guy has no life because he was that desperate to get the game. Hmm but he has a point how his own copy he ordered got sold to someone else I would be mad but not go nuts like that threatening to blow up the place ahah.

  4. I am on this guys side if you pre order it then your the one that gets it first and if they sell your copy then you demand to refund someones money and then you get the copy that you pre-ordered because whoever pre ordered it then they come first

  5. the guy was crazy!!! he was waiting and waiting for this game to come out. but it ink it was really wrong for him to treat the store owner to give him a game that was sold out. there was nothing the store owner could do but order some more games in.

  6. im on his side, but not on his side at the same time. when you pre order a game, it’s your copy! but when they do sell your copy, u can get pissed off, but don’t threaten to kill people.

  7. I see where he is coming from. Someone sold the copy he pre ordered. it was technically his and yes, I would get angry if that was me. BUT blowing up the store because of that, that’s too much. There’s nothing much you can do. They sold your copy. Okay, get angry. But, don’t waste your time sooking about THAT ONE COPY. There are many other stores out there that sell the same game. And for a 31 YEAR OLD MAN to act like that… no, just no.

  8. I think he is stupid but I know that he is angry but to get a gun out and try to shoot someone. In france to people stole 6000 copies, I think that is funny because they just want to resale them and get way more money then there worth.

  9. That’s just sad o.e Seriously, he threatened to blow up a store? I mean I understand that he’d be upset that they sold his pre-ordered copy that he had already paid for, but that’s not a good reason to blow up a store. That guy is way too addicted and needs to get a life, I mean he’s 31 and he’s so upset that he wants to blow up a store, all because of a video game. I’m PRETTY sure there are going to be many more just like it though not necessarily in the same store, but there will be other copies of it in other stores and who knows, maybe one day it’ll go on sale or something. It’s ok to play video games, but when you get THAT addicted, it’s just stupid.

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