Some people

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I would like for your response to focus on a time when you have done something stupid because you are frustrated.

12 thoughts on “Some people

  1. When I was younger and got frustrated I used to write or draw on my wall. Lucky I painted my wall green so you can’t see them anymore.

  2. What a weirdo? Maybe he had an alternate personality or dementia. Or maybe he just forgot the tech surport number.

  3. i think that this guy is an idiot.

    because what are the police are gonna do about his broken phone?

    the police have got a lot better things to do than worry about some random guys broken phone.

  4. No. Just No. That man has no life -.-” I can’t really remember a time when i was THAT frustrated that i did something stupid. Usually, i keep it in or i give the person the silent treatment…

  5. I got angry at forza and threw the controller and broke it then hid it under the couch cover so when my brothers friend sat down it looked like he broke it

  6. this is ridiculous, why in the world would you call 911 about a broken phone, you only call 911 if you’ve been hurt or if you need to call the police about something.
    I have done a lot, and i mean a lot of stupid things when i have been frustrated, like throwing the TV remote at my sister because she kept on bugging me (and the remote broke), throwing my hairbrush at her because she was annoying me so much (plus she hit me first), and now theres a hole in the wall and the hairbrush has broken in half.

  7. What type of person would do that. That number isn’t made for that type of stuff. I think everyone agrees this was incredibly stupid, but I’d love to hear the recorded call I think it would be funny.

  8. Haha, who calls 9-11 for a broken phone seriously. CALL THE AMBERLAMPS XP

    I don’t really recall doing much stupid stuff from FRUSTRATION, but I did start talking to myself once when I was bored and no one was home and then had an argument in which I then proceeded to arguing with myself to shut up multiple times, of course I didn’t and refused. This went on for about 10 minutes or so…

    It MAY have had something to do with the fact that I was on some sort of medicine for a very bad illness at the time though, cuz that’s not something I do often… Also when my parents got home I was unusually excited and basically jumping up and down too….. O.o’

  9. I think that this guy should have rang Apple Customer support because they do have the highest customer satisfaction rate. The stupidest thing I’ve ever done on the internet is contribute to a asian insult website.

  10. I think this is stupid because if he doesn’t use it right he shouldn’t have it and next time they want listen to him. When I got angry I throw thing on my bed

  11. I can’t believe he pranked the ambulance, I mean that’s just wrong. People could have been dying and he’s using the line to complain about a phone. It’s just wrong.

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