11 thoughts on “Is this the future of food, something good? Or not so good?

  1. I know for sure that i will not be buying this hamburger i don’t care if they said it tasted like a million dollars, it looks disgusting and i would rather keep on eating animal meat not “culture meat”.

  2. I think that is very weird that they can do this it will probably be something in the future that may even replace killing animals and that would save heaps of cows but it looks a bit strange that it is not actually food from a cow that it is just made from their cells. People will have to get used to it though.

  3. This Burger is too expensive! it looks horrible. and I hate the crappy jokes that they put at the end of all their articles.

  4. it is an expensive burger. if they introduce them and phase out normal burgers it will slow the obesity rate. it could be good for those people that their religion forbids them to eat proprer meat

  5. I wouldn’t pay that much money for a hand burger that will only last about 7 minutes to eat and looks gross. My family could buy a new house with the money that will last for 10 years or even more.

  6. when i first saw the picture of the burger it made me feel sick. it looks disgusting and really fattening. I would neverpay over 300,000 $ for a burger. whats the point of selling it? would anyone by such an expensive burger? i dont think that this buger would taste so good. by just looking at the picture i would never ever eat that

  7. i… don’t like it. It doesn’t look appealing…. For me, i don’t trust lab grown meat. It’s like, for me, really dirty and unsafe. I know.. Maccas are probably more dirty than this one but the thought of meat growing on a petri dish….no. not for me sorry.

  8. Sarah and Marc
    Sarah, I know that I wont buy this hamburger, It might look ok.. but it still sound and kinda looks yuck and off.
    Marc, It looks really yuck, and i don’t know why any one would pay so much for it. People are better off with normal foood.

  9. Who spends $334,000 on making/buying a HAMBURGER. You’re just going to eat it and then it’ll just end up in the toilet. I wouldn’t bother trying to make a lab grown burger, I think Whoppers look and taste nice the way they are and if they got replaced by scientific $300,000 burgers I wouldn’t like that. It’s sort of natural to kill animals to make food anyway (though we should definitely stay away from killing endangered animals), animals kill other animals to eat and those animals being eaten by animals probably ate other animals too, it’s part of life but scientific $300,000 burgers don’t sound nice O.o

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