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  1. Being a friend on Facebook with someone doesn’t mean they are your real friends. All of my friends on Facebook are people that go to this school that i’ve met and people that went to Iramoo that I know.

  2. This is not very realistic because Facebook was made to find people who you know but you haven’t seen in a long time, well at least thats what they claim it’s use to be for. Most of my friends I know and if I don’t than I used to know them.

  3. I have I think 155 friends and I talk to all of them like everyday so I don’t know what there going on about, most are family that I never get to see but I know and talk to everyone of my friends on facebook.

  4. I don’t really think that the point of this is to see how many friends you truly have because you connect with people you have not seen for a long time they may not be your real friend but they used to be a close friend and so that is a reason why Facebook and popular because you can see what your old friends are doing these days. But other then that I think that some of this calculations are correct and it could be aiming at people with like 2000 friends that 2/3 of them they dont even know.

  5. in a way thats true. On Facebook most of them are just people i see at school but dont talk to very often. i have family on Facebook. i had people on Facebook that i would soon meet at my new school next year. out of all my friends on Facebook there is probably 14 or less people that are “real friends” i did add randoms at some point but when i started to really look at what kind of person they look like. so i at some point i deleted all the people that i dont like and the people i dont know personally.

  6. I have about 150 friends on facebook and I have gone through all of them and I know them all but I don’t hang out with them and talk to them every single day. According to the article I have at least 13 real friends.

  7. I know most of my facebook friends.. there are some that I didn’t exactly hang out all the way back in primary school but I’ve talked to them once… haha..
    But this article does speak of the truth.. some people just add randoms to show that they have more friends than other people… in short, regardless on whether you have 34 friends or 1024 friends, facebook will always be a popularity contest.

  8. On Facebook I am only friends with my friends in real life. I never except people I don’t know and I never go on it any more because I don’t really get the point. After all you can call someone if they live far away or can just talk to your friends when your at school.

  9. I have more friends then 155 or something and i know pretty much all of them so this is false for most people

  10. I Think this is soo funny 🙂 because last night i was talking to at least 40 people no joke 🙂

  11. I think that it’s true about how many good friends we have, but then again there’s heaps of family that you know and talk to and there people in your class you talk to get information about school and things. So every friends I have I know. Like they all have a purpose to be there on my facebook friends list. Facebook is to connect with people not really to just talk to your friends.

  12. -.-‘ Well I guess most of my Facebook friends are friends of friends or relatives o.o’ So then, I apparently only have 9 or so friends according to those calculations…. >:P

  13. I think this is true because everyone adds people they know not people they are close to. Some people just add randoms with I think is stupid because they could be pedos

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