Chicken anyone?

Here is todays current affairs article.
Your focus for this morning is to reflect and assess on how some of these images make you feel?  Weather or not you feel that this article will make you think twice about eating chicken from the supermarket?

18 thoughts on “Chicken anyone?

  1. Lachlan. Thanks For Putting Me Off Chicken. That WAS My Favourite Food But YOU Being A Bastard, Have Made Me Only Want To Eat Beef And Lamb And Pork. NOT CHICKEN!

  2. I had chicken last night lucky it wasn’t from any of these places but it may have been supplied by it. I think it’s funny when you see those asian restaurants and they have all of those health inspection photos and they have cockroaches and that type of stuff.

  3. o.e Eww. WHY LACHLAN? D: That chicken processing place is gross, cockroaches and maggots, Ewww… I hope I’m not having chicken tonight…

  4. tamika: this is disgusting!!! it has put me off eating chicken from KFC and woolworths and aldi. the pictures made me feel sick. how dare they put raw chickens in a place like that. i would definitely not eat chicken from the super market anymore!!! YUK !

    This will probably put me off chicken for a while. But i will get over it. This is very discusting and how they sell it to other shops like coles and kfc. well kfc better know what they are selling to people and if they do know they should start selling different chicken.

  5. Thats kinda disgusting. If you dont eat chicken from the supermarket then where would you get it from. How do you get decapitated in a chicken factory place.

  6. I think these pictures look disgusting because chicken that gets treated like that can be dangerous to us when we eat it. I still might eat chicken but not as much as I used to.

  7. I think that is disgusting that there’s all maggots and cockroaches everywhere near the chickens and did you see how they are stored almost just laying on the ground that is horrible i think that they should get some real proper conditions in because this could kill people and make them very sick. If they are supplying KFC and Coles I dont think ill eat chicken there

  8. Ew. That’s disgusting. It’s a good thing we eat more fish instead of poultry. Yes, definitely. I’ll think twice about eating chicken from KFC, Aldi and Woolworths. It should be shut down or at least suspended because if someone gets sick from them, they could get sued and could lose more.

  9. these pictures are bad but it could be that they just want publisity so they find these photo’s but if its true it is really bad and cruel and they don’t deserve to be treated like this

  10. It’s so disgusting that people are still doing this, and that worksafe hasn’t been catching them, I mean they have the worksafe ads, but they never have enough people going out and checking the companies and things, cockroaches, and maggots and things in chicken that we eat. I got sick a couple of weeks ago really badly and it could’ve been because of the food i’ve eaten it’s just so wrong that people still do this and don’t think of anyone else but themselves. People are dying because of food poisoning. It should be stopped and they’re should be more people making sure it’s stopping.

  11. I really don’t wanna eat chicken now, thats just gross really because they should have stricter laws

  12. Some one getting decapitated is just way to far I just can’t wait for work safe to show up and bring that place down

  13. Its yucc! what the hell I never would have thought that, I mean it’s chicken and they sell it to KFC. I don’t think I will ever eat chicken again.

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