Who’s really to blame?

Who is really to blame here, the scammers?   Or the fools who believed in magic chemicals creating normal money??  You be the judge.
Your response should include whether or not you think you would have been fooled, and what you think about how they tried to get the money out of the country.

22 thoughts on “Who’s really to blame?

  1. It would be the people that believed it that should be blamed. and the way he tried to take the money is disgusting!

  2. Lol, I can’t believe they thought they would get away with it. Such idiots, even if they are not from here its still the wrong thing to do because its making them look really bad.

  3. People are so gullible and they will believe anything these days. I think that the people who believed them are stupid and I think that you could probably find how to do this stuff on the internet. Apparently there are also ways in which you can tell fake between real.

  4. I think that if this really worked the people would be legends. i would hunt them down and get them to show me how to do it… 🙂

  5. Well I think it’s pretty stupid that those victims believed that a “special chemical” could turn some paper into money. They must have been very desperate and gullible. It is still bad that those people made that scam, but it’s a pretty smart scam, still very bad though, you shouldn’t rob people of their money unless someone really likes black paper and is willing to pay $100,000 for it O.o That would be highly unlikely…

    If that scam DID work that’d be awesome, but sadly nothing like that exists yet 🙁

  6. I thinl that the scammers are very smart about the way they went about scamming but really the people who were scammed are more stupid to think that it was possible

  7. I think that it is somewhat the victims fault because they fooled for that stupid trick which they are very dumb how do you believe you can make fake money using chemicals but also the scammer’s that was a good trick but it was still not right that they shouldn’t of done that but that’s funny. Also that’s funny how they tried to get the money out of the country through their underpants. I wouldn’t of been fooled only stupid people would fool for that.

  8. I think they are both to blame because the scammers are the stupid ones who were selling the black paper and the people who bought it were stupid enough to believe in the trick. I wouldn’t buy the black paper because you can’t make money like that. They tried to get the money out of the country by putting it in their pants.

  9. Haahahahahahha i can imagine sombody at a kebab shop beliveing them,for some reason 😛
    But how could people be that stupid -.-

  10. This guys are smart but they didn’t think there plan though because now they are in jail. It is also funny because the people who believe them are stupid as they come, because they could of went to jail if they give it to a shop or something like that.

  11. Well it’s just dumb of the people to make a deal with someone for nothing in return, like doubling there money for nothing in return and the people were pretty dumb thinking that they could get away with it without someone reporting it. I think they should all go to jail.

  12. I think that the people to blame would be both the scammers and the people who were fooled by them. The people who believed them should have thought twice about it before they went along with it, I mean have you ever heard of people actually being able to double your money, and why would you believe someone that you don’t know anything about and you haven’t even met or herd about them before.
    I wouldn’t have been fooled because I wouldn’t have gone for it, why would I trust someone that I don’t really know or know about with my money. And why in the world would you hide money in your underwear, I mean seriously.

  13. I think that all of them were to blame. The scammers shouldn’t have done what they did, the people that were told that the money could be doubled shouldn’t have thought that money could just be created and they not have to do anything.
    I wouldn’t want money that i don’t do anything for. It would be greedy if you took money that you didn’t actually earn.

  14. When ever you do something really bad it normally catches up with you so it was a bad idea it would only work short time.

  15. tamika: i remember hearing something about this story years ago. its a pretty bad and stupid thing to do. i find it pretty cleaver how they turned black paper into money. if everyone knew the secret to that every body would be rich. and black paper prices would go up. you wouldn’t find it in schools anymore and you wouldn’t find it in shops like office works. in a way its a good and bad thing.

    Marc: Good thing they are going to jail, you cant just make money and try and make it really money and give it to people, who ever made it and tried to make it real and use it is to blame, we have money as it is for a reason not just to make more and a different colour, they wouldn’t be able to get it out of the country

  16. This is a pretty good idea, But that’s besides the point they should not have done it as they should of thought of the consequences just in case they got caught, But i guess not. This is just plain stupidity 😛 🙂

  17. If I was the one offered that kind of thing, I would look for all possibilities for it to be fake. The paper, the chemical. But then again, I’m gullible so whatever magic trick they pull on me, I would act like a damn 9 year old. I don’t know if they knew about Australia’s tight security, but if they did try to take away all the money, they could’ve splitted it up or something like that…

  18. I think they are both to blame. The scammed , like the article said, should of reported the con men and the scammers were just as stupid. They should have known that getting away with that would be next to impossible. Something always leaks out. As for me, I wouldn’t have fallen for it. I would say, who would be stupid enough to fall for this, but I already know the answer. I think the conmen would have had scouted out dumb people so as to trick them.

  19. If these guys had of gotten away wih it would be sweet for them but crap for us but if we caught hem like we did it would be crap for them and great for us but how would take it out of the country

  20. If these guys had of gotten away wih it would be sweet for them but crap for us but if we caught hem like we did it would be crap for them and great for us but how would take it out of the country.

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