15 thoughts on “The strange things we invent.

  1. This looks pretty useless and what would be the use of playing a game for a couple minutes and it would be better if you were taking a crap. I think that the games aren’t very interesting and I think it would more popular if there was MW3 because that’s all anyone cares about.

  2. i think that it is pointless. why would you put a video game there when it is only like a minute that people are there for.

  3. I think that this is a strange but a smart invention how you have to pee to the left or right to steer that is a bit weird you walk into the toilets and see everyone playing games while taking a leak I would feel a bit weird I just wanted to pee. But I think this could be a nice invention.

  4. this is some wired stuff. can you imagine if they made that for girls!!! in a way its disgusting. ewwww!!!!!

    marc: That is kinda weird, why do people need to be tested on there aim by playing a game, but still people are going to want to try it any way.

  5. XP Things these days are just getting weirder and weirder, though I guess it’ll be a good idea if guys really DO get very bored while in the bathroom 😛 It could probably make guys want to drink and pee more so they can beat their high scores though ;D

  6. HAHAHA! Um, that’s is very interesting. But i don’t see how this is going to help anyone.. What if someone was busting and it was all full because they the guys were too busy playing that stupid game? That could a be a disadvantage.

  7. I think this invention is really weird. Also they could have made a better game than that because those kinds of games get really boring.

  8. I think that this is weird, weird and even more weirder. Who would go to a bar just so that they can play a game where your bladder is the controller, how weird is that, seriously. I know that boys are weird, but this just makes that statement even worse.

  9. EWWWW…. How come the guys get one and the girls don’t? How rude! I think it’s gross and unhygenic what if someone touches there piss then the screen. It’s just gona over a point. Don’t people have anything better to do then make games for the toliet?

  10. This is really funny because the person is going to make heaps of money because every one would want to buy drinks so they wee and then they will buy more and more

  11. Ewwies ! What the hell are people thinking putting games in the toilet, seriously yuc! I recon that it is very unhygienic. I hope that it goes wrong because that is just yuc!

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