What teacher really want to tell parents!

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Please read through and tell us what you think about this article.   Can you relate to this story?  Do you feel your teachers ever feel frustrated in these ways?
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16 thoughts on “What teacher really want to tell parents!

  1. I definitely think that teachers feel frustrated but some parents are so strict and demanding towards schools. It reminds me of a movie I seen a preview of in 2010 called “Waiting For Superman” and it was about the American education system and children were getting bad educations. I can’t really relate to the story but I think that a lot o f people can.

  2. I dont really relate to this story because nothing really happened like this and i know more teachers that have been over 4 years the under 4 years.

  3. In fact Liam, I will quizz you in third session, if you can not answer 3 out of the 5 questions I ask you, it’s one week without your laptop.

  4. no this story does not relate to me, and i don’t know if the teachers feel frustrated in this way..

  5. Being a teacher is more then being a educator, being there to build a relationship with the students its not baby sitting, its being a good teacher

  6. I think these teachers have a right to be annoyed with parents like these. I would be too. When I do something wrong I wouldn’t want someone to make excuses for me. It just isn’t right. When I do something wrong I would want to ask for forgiveness and move past that point and learn from my mistake. That kind of attitude from parents isn’t good. Yes they want to protect their kids but they should let them take the blame. Like the article said, it builds character. I would say that I have learnt from the mistakes iv’e made and have become a better person in the long run. I hope Lachlan that you haven’t had any experiences like that. After all you are a better teacher then the norm.

  7. This doesn’t relate to me because my parents don’t complain about grades and stuff like that. I think teachers do feel frustrated because sometimes parents do that, teachers are only trying to do their job and like the bit where the kid had permanent marker and the teacher was only trying to wash it off for the kid.

  8. I can’t really relate because I am neither parent nor teacher, nor do I get in serious trouble, but enough nors. I think alot of teachers could definitely be upset by situations like this. It would be frustrating to be arguing about stuff with parents and debating whether it happened or not even though you’d probably already know the truth of whether it did or didn’t happen.

    Students however probably don’t mind their parents sticking up for them, basically anything to try getting out of trouble would go, but it’s bad if the parents lied about things.

  9. I can’t really relate to this because, I think, my mum hasn’t complained once. She just asks alot of questions. Yes, i do think that teachers do feel frustrated because they are only trying to do their job and these parents are stopping them. And Ron is right, quit with the excuses. You’re only teaching your child to slack off and that they can rely on you whenever they make a mistake.

  10. It doesn’t really relate to us. We don’t need to be looked after we can look after ourselves. we try not to cause to much trouble

  11. Lohgan: I think that i agree with some of it that Parents expect that Teachers are like babysitters but the teacher is a professional who needs to tell the parents anything bad that happens but I think that the parents should not get mad but I wonder what Lachlan secretly thinks about me hmm.
    Blake: i think that this doesn’t relate to me this much because this sort of stuff doesn’t happen to and mostly because my parents don’t get mad at the teachers

  12. I see their point but their not just there to teach their there to help us and guide us and surport us and I think that my teacher does all of that extremely well but what im reading seems that not all teachers are like that and I don’t think thats fare for other kids who want all that and can access that when ever they want

  13. I think this is weird because like yeah maybe they should tell parents the truth and be harsh about it, but not as harsh as they were. I think that teachers should know right from wrong when it comes to the child’s confidentiality. I think that the teachers should look at it like this, would I like my mother knowing everything about what I’m doing at school, what I’m talking about, what I’m scared about, what I’m failing. They should just think about that. There is a saying, if you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to others. and the parents should back off, the school see more of us than our parents do anyways we are here 5 days a week, 7 hours a day. So of cause they care about the children that are at the school, children and teens go through a lot of hard times. And they need someone other than just friends they sometimes talk to teachers because they have lived it before and they don’t like talking to their parents because then parents take it too far. I think it should be the kids choice to talk to the teachers about other stuff than grades and work. :/

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