TED Talk

This is the second presentation I have put up here by Marco Tempest.
You all enjoyed his first one, I hope you enjoy this.  Leave a comment on if this was interesting, enjoyable, and if his use of technology was good?

16 thoughts on “TED Talk

  1. This is amazing that is really really cool I wonder how long that took to perfect and how he got all the timing right?

  2. This guy is really good because he does every thing in magic, but I think it is just a movie and he times the time he draws because on a couple of ones he missed it and it draw before he put the pen on a paper.

  3. wow.. this is so cute. i wonder how he pulls the string from the little picture into real life? i find this very amazing. 😀

  4. The use of the technology was awesome and it sort of looked projected even though he moved it around. I tested out his app MultiVid but it didn’t seem so useful because of the file copying time. This guy could make a lot of money from it.

    blake:i am absolutely mind blown by how much timing the guy on the projector would need and how cool does it look when he pulled the rope out of the canvas

  5. I think this was interesting and enjoyable at the same time because it kept you watching without being bored. Sometimes it didn’t look like he was drawing because the line was going before he even drew the line and it didn’t even look like he was putting the pen on the board. But it was still cool

  6. That was awesome. I was waiting for the stick figure to come out but haha didn’t happen 🙁 It was totally enjoyable and i really like the way he collaborates modern technology and magic. It interests me on how he does it.

  7. i think that was really cool, it looked so real. Looks a bit like a projector tho. But still if it is it was set out like he was really doing all that stuff.

  8. That’s cool 😀 What was that thing he was using though I wonder… Didn’t look like an iPad or anything it looked like a board with paper on it or something like that O.o Eh, maybe it is magic, but whatever it is it’s cool ;P Sometimes it didn’t look like he was drawing it though…

  9. Wow… how does he do that? That was pretty cool. I enjoyed that cause it looked so real.

  10. that was awesome, definitely interesting, enjoyable, and that would be so awesome if whatever he was using you could buy in the shops.

  11. I think it was awesome it’s really interest especially when he pulls the rope out and the light goes out on the man. Also when the guy in the little screen ate the cookie it was pretty amazing, and I liked how the guy talked through out the show thing. Was really cool.

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