Earth like planets found!

Some interesting reading today that picks up from an article we read earlier this year on the ‘goldilocks zone’.
I would like your response to be imaginative, and cover your thoughts of what types of planets and life forms could exist on these earth like planets?

15 thoughts on “Earth like planets found!

  1. I think there are other planets just like Earth in the other galaxies. They could be humans as well living just like us or they could be something else.

  2. I think that there could be many different lifeforms on these Earth like planets because there must be something else like us out there and maybe there could be a race exactly like us almost like clones. Maybe there are walking pink narwhals with ice cream cones.

    blake:I think if we ever have to move to any of these planets i think there will be giant pink narwhals with a deck of playing cards

  3. I think that if we find something that can travel and get us there quickly then I think that the Earth will become so overpopulated that the Earth’s resources will start to run out and we will have no other choice but top live on these planets, I think it would have to happen soon weather we like it or not. Yes I think there may also be aliens on these planets because if they can support human life then they should be able to support aliens life also.

  4. I think there are heaps of plants every where but I cant imagine it because they could look very different to us.

  5. Aliens could live on those planets. Maybe giant blue things that don’t trust humans, or maybe little green things or something resembling E.T. I don’t think that any planets live on planets do they??? Maybe the planet looks like something like where Horton lives from Horton hears a who. Now if only we can travel at the speed of light.

  6. There are pobably lots of planets that are like earth and for all we know people could just live on those planets like us, and they could think just the same about earth, i think other people could be on these planets people just need to go have a look or search the planet with telescopes

  7. Naomi had just had an epiphany. She was all “Imagine if there were people just like us, like as in our twin and was doing the same thing we’re doing right now on a different galaxy but on an earth like planet” And yeah, you know that’s possible. The universe is limitless so, who knows? And i think the plants would be like the plants from Pandora. The life forms could look like us but with more or less organs/body parts or stuff like that.

  8. Cool, now we just need something that can travel faster then the speed of light and we can all live on a bigger planet -.- 36 Lightyears away is a very long way away, it’d take years and years and no one that first to board the ship would live to see the new planet (unless we all suddenly became immortal) so they’d have to keep repopulating and feeling sad knowing that they themselves would never see the new planet unless there is such thing as reincarnation but of course, if that is so, you could come back as someone or something that was back on our Earth and you would never see the other planet anyway… And besides, if you were reborn into the ship on the way to the new world you probably wouldn’t even know you were going to a new planet because you were born on a ship and have no idea what Earth is O.o

  9. I would say that this planet wouldn’t be able to sustain life. I wonder why the scientists report on these discoveries and then don’t talk about them ever again. Why don’t they build space ships instead of telescopes.

  10. As for life forms, I would hope that atleast one planet we find has people like Avatar, hopefully friendly too. If there was a planet like Pandora where the earth glows beneath your feet when you walk on it and there were big bird like creatures etc that would be awesome so long as they don’t kill us. But of course, we’d be considered the aliens to them or whatever their language calls them and they would be very curious and suspicious probably. What could be on the other planets though is unimaginable, things we could never even dream of seeing. Or maybe other life forms are just humans and there’s a whole alternate planet like ours but perfect or something, maybe the complete opposite…

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