10 thoughts on “How small we really are!

  1. black holes that swallow other black holes is really crazy just makes me wonder about lots of things

  2. If this is what created the universe means that it could also destroy it within seconds. Pretty scary :/

  3. There is a site which shows the size comparisons and I only remember it because it has a Rubik’s cube comparison. I think that they really should make better names for these types of things because really they sound like droid names.

  4. Wow that is pretty frightening that there’s black holes that are like the size of 9 billion suns that really tells how big the universe really is and how possible it is to be other intelligent life forms out there!

  5. Space and science dont really interrest me at all because I just dont like it. But the black hole is pretty cool because it makes me think of where things go if you go though it

  6. it dwarfs the sun by 21 billion suns that must be absolutely massive. But we should already know that compared to everything that is outer space we are tiny.

  7. As long as all of those ancient black holes are asleep I am very happy, but if any of them wake up and that black hole is coming for us, then whoever woke it up I am seriously going to hunt them down and kill them.

  8. I wonder what will happen if Earth goes through the black hole. There could be another world in the black hole. There could be other planets to.

  9. That’s really interesting. Oooh, awakening ancient remains of voracious ancestors. I want to see that happen! No, but seriously, for me, awakening the ancestors are more than the actual black hole itself.

  10. Just when you think something is big in space a ginormous black hole eating monster comes along and makes galaxies look small!

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