15 thoughts on “On rich kitty!

  1. Seriously who leaves there cat there inheritance? I can’t believe this I would go and stab that cat and then steal the money and say that it accidentally fell out of the house it lives in….>:D

  2. Wow. I would love to be this cat right now, a millionaire with heaps of houses, i mean that would be awesome, i wish i was the new owner.

  3. Eww.. it’s a cat! Why would you leave the money to a bloody cat! Give it to the maid that served the lady through her last hours, give it to anybody but the cat! What’s the cat supposed to do with all the money anyways! Just fake it’s death so you can have all the money and then wa la you will be a trillionare. It’s the easiest way to get rich.

  4. Typical old rich lady with a cat. This is what always happens in the movies. And the cat will probably come to life and ‘live the high life’ with heaps of sardines and yarn. haha

  5. What a lucky cat. A shame it doesn’t know how to put that money to good use. I’d gladly take the money off the cats paws ;D

    But seriously, that nurse lady was lucky to gain Maria’s trust because she basically got the money by owning the cat. She’s very rich now, 13.1million in AUD @-@ That’s alot. That cat has alot of luck and I’m sure Stefania is happy to have that cat.

  6. That cat looks really evil I mean look at its eyes it looks likes a person is trapped inside there or something. It is pretty weird why would you give your cat that money hmm something is very fishy.

  7. Hahaha I want to kill this cat but unlike dillian I am not going to make it look like an accident,I shall be called “Jill The Chainsaw”

  8. I didn’t know you could leave money for an animal after you die!? Did the money go to the nurse as she had to look after the cat?

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