TED Talk

This is the second presentation I have put up here by Marco Tempest.
You all enjoyed his first one, I hope you enjoy this.  Leave a comment on if this was interesting, enjoyable, and if his use of technology was good?


Morning everyone, todays tasks are set here, the boys will be out for two hours today, during that time the girls will have alternative work that I will talk to them about.
Below are the set work tasks for today.
Task #1
BTN task

Task #2
Class quiz, I will conduct the quiz.  Through this you will research the areas that you did not know the answers for.

Todays work.

Todays work.  Save to spare folder 5 week 8.
Session 1: Reading and Blog Response.
Your blog response to day is to be done on your laptops as a 100 word response.
Your response should cover what the article is about, how it interested you.
Then write a about how this toy is entertaining people and why.

Session 2: Finishing off your advertisements on drug and alcohol issues.
This has to be edited, music has to be added, it has to be crisp, and it has to be ticked off by me for completion.
Dont forget the story board is due as well.