A seriously ill society

Today’s response task.

Here is an article that I would really like you to read.
It is about a young girl, who was overlooked and walked around after being hit by a passing car.

I will know whether or not you have read this article as I want you to respond by showing me a few things.
I want you to comment on her plight.
I want you to comment on the situation she now finds her self in.

I want you to comment with empathy on her situation in the alley.
Finaly I want you to comment on the reasons why those people may have ignored her.

Ever wondered what their thinking?

crowToday’s article is an interesting one, and my make you take a second look at some of our schools most common residents.
Your response should cover the following:
What are crown known for?
Results suggested that crows what?
Who is the Dr quoted in this article as a bird expert?
What is a group of crows known as, what is their collective noun?
Does this article change your perception of these animals?

Big foot, the Amish what a silly mixed up world we live in.

Here is a double task, it is up to you how you respond to both of these articles, what you wish to relate and what you take from this is up to you.   Loose leaf paper will be provided for your responses, 100 words for each article.

Here is an interesting article from the other side of the world.

Here is another article this time from America, no not about movie stars or the rich and famous, but the exact opposite in fact, an article about the Amish.  That’s right the people who live a life devoid of anything modern, well turns out even they are jealous of something.  A quick read on a strange crime wave in the world of the Amish.