The man through who you work right now.

Welcome back to the final term of year 8!
Awesome!  Only 11 weeks left for the year, and how it will fly by.
I am looking forward to hearing about your holidays, and I will share with you my stories of my time teaching in the Northern Territory over the break.
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I would like for you to respond to this article in two ways.
A: Comment on this blog about who Steve Jobs was and what (to your understanding) he has done for people around the world.

B: In your English books, and using the internet, research the innovations (inventions) Steve Jobs is credit to have inventied or been the drive behind. (150 Words)

Super Earth

Today’s article for reading.
Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 9.04.57 AM
Task 1
How many times larger than Earth is this newly found planet?
How many light years from earth is it?
What is the planets name?
What is HARPS?
What is the planet hunting instrument able to detect?

Task 2
I then want you to write on a piece of lined loose leaf a 150 word, structured (including title, date, sentence structure, good grammar and punctuation) piece of neat writing.   The piece will explain how you would get to that planet, what technologies you would use or need to invent and what you would find there?    This is an assessment piece.

Facebook ferals and jail for sexting.


Reading this first article today on facebook issues, and how it effects the mood’s of your age group.   I want you to respond to this first article under the heading of ‘response to article one’.

Article two is a warning to a trend that seems more prevalent (occurs more) in social communication than ever before.
Your response to this article under the heading ‘response to article two’ should explain to me your understanding of the issue.
It also should explain to me why people who ‘sext’ can end up on the sex offenders registry.

What desperate people do

Hey guy’s just looking for you all to read this article today.
Why did this woman do this?
What were her motivations?
What segment of the show did she feature in?
What did the show tell her they needed to see after her first attempt to get on the show?

After answering the questions represent to me your thoughts on the article, what should now happen to the mother.  Did she have any good reasons for doing this, is it possible to have good intentions here??