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Welcome to the Blog of 8 Lachlan, Manor Lakes.
Our class is a part of the year 8 program at Manor Lakes p-12 College.

We are 26 students strong, with a wide range of characters that make this class unique and diverse.
We have a wide range of strengths and interests that we hope to display online for all to share.
The hope is that anyone can view our work, and see how we represent our learning online.

We are always safe and respectful when journeying online, and below is our class ICT rules to which we abide in and out of class.


These rules will help us to be fair to others and keep everyone safe

• I will not use anyone’s user-name and password except my own, it is a secret

• I will only look and delete my own files unless asked

• I understand that I must not bring software and usb’s to school unless asked

• I will only e-mail people I know and not strangers

• The messages I do send will be sensible and polite

• I will not share personal information Eg. Address

• I will not use any social networking sites or chatting applications at school

• If I receive a bad e-mail I will report it to a teacher or a adult

• I understand that the school may check my laptop and the sites I go on

• I understand that if I deliberately break these rules, I’m not allowed to use the computer or internet

• Airport must be on at all times

• File sharing is not permitted

• Do not use proxy servers or bypass sites

• Earphones must be bought everyday, or no listening to music

We hope you enjoy our enthusiasm

Adam, Jake, Levi, Reece, Jackson, Mitch, Dana, Dylan, Tait, Elyssa, Naomi, Chloe, Megan, Liam, Jess, Claudia, Marc, Tamika, Sarah, Courtney, Kayley, Tom, Josh, Lohgan, Carrissa, Blake and Lachlan .

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